Why coocció?

Our facilities they are certified and allow
them to be produced following strict health regulations.

Certified kitchen©



Not licensed? There’s no problem. We are a food safety licensed kitchen.

Organic production

Do you want to produce under the Ecological seal (CCPAE) or are you looking for a way to obtain it?
We have it and we help you.

Professional machinery


Producing at Coocció you will have access to state-of-the-art and professional machinery. You can optimize your production and grow your business.

The Coffee

La Cherry Coffee

A cozy place to have an excellent specialty coffee, breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Well-known coffee growers and distributors, the Cherry team manages the cafeteria space for potential events. We are part of the Yado Barcelona circuit, being one of the spaces selected as a work space.

The coffee is open

from Monday to Friday

from 9am to 6pm