Krepioca is a typical Brazilian food mobile bistro with a creative twist, designed by Deborah and Mariana Nogueira. All the food is gluten-free , handmade and with vegan and vegetarian options. Their mai speciality is the tapioca, a sandwich where his “bread” is made of cassava flour; You choose the filling you like and at in few minutes they have prepared one of the most typical Brazilian meals.


Deborah ( Rio de Janeiro) is in love with traditional Brazilian food and cook from 6 years of age: “I always liked to receive friends at home, cooking for the family, spend the day thinking about how to improve the typical food of the day to day. When I discovered that I am celiac, I started looking all I could prepare gluten free in the most creative possible form. The kitchen ceased to be a fun and now is the passion of my life, cooking for others professionally is a personal achievement. “

Mariana Nogueira ( Rio de Janeiro)  physiotherapist specializing in acupuncture and love of good food: “I’ve always loved to eat well and tasting new meals. With Kreipoca project we started to develop new dishes, turning the kitchen into a passion in my life.”

Krepicoa specialities:

For this coocciō Chefs Days they have prepared this tasty gluten-free brasileiro menu:

  • Tapioca Brazil: cassava flour dough, dried meat, cream cheese and fattening catupiry caramelized (6 €).
  • Traditional burger: bio meat, onion, lettuce, tomato and homemade mayonnaise,  artisanal cheese bread, served with yuca chips (6 €).


  • Rice balls: rice fritters very typical of the bars in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo; perfect to combine with a cold beer (4 €).
  • Tapioca Couscous: traditional dessert of tapioca and coconut (4 €).


You can follow their adventures and new creations here.