Commercial Kitchen

professional kitchen of 520 m2 with capacity for 20 simultaneous cooks

Kitchen rental prices

Prices for all time slots, except mornings from Monday to Friday between 8 and 12h.

Prices per table and person.

If you do not fit any pack, we adapt to your needs. I want a custom pack.

For other options (tastings, courses, filming, full kitchen …) check here.


Define a new menu

“The restaurant eats me every day and I don’t have the tranquility of a space like this to be able to conceptualize new dishes for next season”

Catering & delivery

“I needed a space to be able to prepare the dishes that I later serve at lunchtime offices or special events.”

Produce your product

“I found the ideal place to grow my vegan cheeses. They helped me to get the green stamp and I can now sell with a professional, stable headquarters.”


In our kitchen you can also: prepare and store dishes for your restaurant, try new dishes and recipes … or any other professional use that you need.