Delhicioso! offers fresh food inspired by many cultures in the world, delivered in an effective and comfortable way to the offices.


Born in Delhi, Rishabh Lohia once completed an MBA at ESADE decided to realize his dream: to satisfy the palate of the multicultural community in Barcelona, inviting them to join them on their journey through the world of kitchen.


Delhicioso! goes a step beyond the classic office lunch, offering a healthy menu each week created by chefs passionate equally by home cooking and cultural fusion.


If you work in Barcelona, you can enjoy every day a healthy and exotic food without leaving your workplace.


If you want to taste their menus, they can be ordered here.


Delhicioso Team

Delhicioso! menus are conceptualized and cooked every day in our shared and commercial kitchen.

In this quiz you can know Rishabh a little bit more:


What was the first dish you cook?

Chilli chicken: It’s a spicy Indo-chinese dish made with boneless chicken cooked with peppers and shallots in a rich soy sauce gravy.

Red wine, white wine or beer?


Your reference chef?

Jamie Oliver.

¿Meat: Well done, medium or raw?


A place with less 10€ lunch menu to recommend it?

Delhicioso! of course ;)

A product / food essential in your shopping list?


¿A restaurant not to eat again?

Botafumeiro (On Gran de Gràcia).

A dish / dessert quick and easy to make at home and make you look like a gentleman?

Morrocan spiced veggies with bottifarra served on couscous with a spicy mint yogurt sauce.

¿The dish / recipe that was hard to find the point?


¿If you had to choose one cooking utensil to have on hand, what would you choose?

Indian pressure cooker.

Where in the world you love to get a plane right now to go to cook?



Thanks Rishabh & good luck!

Paprika chicken with Green rice

Chicken Af
Mushroom and kale stroganoff