On Saturdays this February coocciō will become a very special Pop-up restaurant by Atrápalo !!

4 very special dinners, 6 acclaimed chefs and a lot of soul …
Very limited places! You can check the dates and make your reservation here.

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February 4th, Peruan Night

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Nicky Ramos: the cusine of the chef of the famous The Market Peru of Barcelona is a tour for Peru with features of Nikkei, Amazonian, chifa cuisine (Cantonese influence), new Andean and Creole cusines, with specialties like different ceviches and chiclayana’s dry lamb. This chef is one of responsibles that today almost everyone has tried the ceviche peruano in Barcelona and it is in fashion.

Roberto Sihuay: this young chef has spent the last ten years working in prestigious restaurants in Peru and Spain to end up taking land at Ceviche 103 restaurant, where he focuses on the hereditary character of Peruvian cuisine. Roberto Sihuay runs this restaurant in Barcelona with a contemporary and evolutionary gastronomy and in a modern and colorful space. Now it has just opened Nikkei 103, Japanese fusion.

Juan Carlos Perruet: Galician products and Peruvian essence. Appetizing innovation. This is the cuisine of the chef of the accredited Kero of Vigo, Juan Carlos Perret;  a tireless Peruvian cook who has been in Galicia for ten years. He also trained at El Celler de Can Roca. The ceviche, of course,  is his the star dish, the fresh fish marinated with citrus that both triumphs. The original presentation is another of its strengths.

You can see the detailed menu of Peruvian Night and make your reservation here.

February 11th, Ecuadorian Night


Alex Clavijo: born in Guayaquil 31 years ago, he has been living in Spain since 2001. He was the chef of Sant Bartomeu restauran, in Sant Cugat del Vallès. He also worked in the Circulo Ecuestre of Barcelona and the Heura restaurant of Sant Cugat. Ciurrently, He is the chef of Vadebacus, in Sant Cugat. Traditional and Ecuadorian cuisine is what this young chef creates. He is also knowed for having participated in the TV show Top Chef.

You can see the detailed menu of Ecuatorian Night and make your reservation here.

February 18th, KM 0 Night


Sergi de Meià: affectionate and close in his treatment and his cuisine, this young but experienced chef, with a more than proven trajectory, currently owns the Sergi de Meià restaurant, in Barcelona’s Eixample. Known as the prescriber of slow food and Km 0 cuisine, its gastronomy is good, clean and fair. These are the three precepts of his movement, which, applied to products of proximity and season, make his offer exclusive and differentiated.

You can see the detailed menu of Km 0 Night and make your reservation here.

February 24th, Italian night


Andrea Tumbarello: after more than ten years since landing in Spain, this Sicilian chef known as the “king of the truffle” or the “galactic cook”, is the current owner of the Don Giovanni restaurant in Madrid. Awarded several prizes of great importance, like the Repsol Cuatro Soles after his passage through Granada, his philosophy is based on “having the best product and damaging it as little as possible”.

You can see the detailed menu of Italian Night and make your reservation here.